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One of the leading catering companies Miami has to offer! For outstanding, top-quality, and delicious catering in Miami, get in touch with Cibo Catering in Miami today. Contact us for a service quote and rest assured of amazing food and a great event experience.

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Miami catering Companies

Miami Catering Companies

We are a catering business based in Miami, Fl, and the surrounding areas in Florida. As a family-owned and operated catering company, we upload the values of loyalty, teamwork, and consistency. We cater to a range of family and corporate gatherings. Our crew has decades’ worth of combined experience in the food catering and hospitality industries. Request a quote today and make your next gathering one to remember.

Catering Services for Any Event

What’s an event without great food. The event catering provider you choose to use at your events can make or break the party. There’s something about a great menu, great servers, and a professional approach that can leave your guests paying you compliments days and even weeks later about the high level of quality displayed at the event you hosted.

Your choice of food for an event is largely dependent on the type of event you are hosting, seasonal variations, and your personal preferences. Over the years, our clients have come to rely on us for our vast experience in catering for all event types, styles, and sizes.

At our catering service in Miami, we provide exceptional menu options for a range of events. Learn more about these below, and request a free quote.

Wedding Parties

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. We can help you make it a very special wedding. Request more info on our wedding catering Miami events and combination packages.

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Corporate Events

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties, be they for work or family, are always lots of fun. At these busy times of the year, you might need caterers to make sure you have great cuisine at your social gathering.

Family Style BBQ

It may be a family gathering, but there’s no reason why we can’t help you in the culinary department. We have great grill and BBQ catering Miami options. Request a quote to find out more.

Corporate Events

Make a mark at your next corporate gathering and take advantage of our full-service offering. To request more info on what this covers, get in touch with our customer care department. You can call or write, and be sure to ask for a quote.


Other Special Events

We find that we get a lot of special catering request messages about a wide variety of different events. We have done birthdays, baby showers, engagement parties, and even gender reveal gatherings. You name it; we have catered for it! Let us make your special day a terrific one.

You don’t have to have a large and fancy party to request out catering. Even if you are only hosting a few people for a birthday party, intimate BBQ, or a beach picnic, or just want some of the best paella catering Miami has to offer, you can try us. Let us take the catering work out of your hands with our experienced catering squad. Contact us to request more information about catering for smaller events or receive a quote.

miami catering companies

It’s never that easy to make any event a success, may it be a big or small one. At all times, you have to plan extensively to excel in your endeavors. Whether you are hosting a corporate event, wedding reception, anniversary party, graduation party or a fundraising gala, the kind of food you serve matters a lot.

The food you present and serve at any of these events is a crucial factor that determines the success of your event. And to enjoy this success, you have to start by choosing the best catering services provider. In essence, you have to choose and work with the best catering company near you.

Lacking a reputed and reliable caterer can be a key red flag to the success of your event. Food is usually used as a bonding element in most events, and you should work with an expert to rest assured of the best result. To be on the safe and charming side, you have to choose the best catering company in your locality.

Luck is one your side if you reside in or looking for catering services Miami, Florida and surrounding areas. We offer one-of-a-kind food catering services that you will, without a doubt, fall in love with. We have been delivering high quality catered food suitable for nearly any type of event our customers may be hosting.

No matter the kind of event you are having, we will have our caterers stand by and ready to help with topnotch catering solutions. We also go on and offer our large clientele base with unparalleled catering ideas and let them rest assured of the best response from their guests. Intrinsically, the success of your event lies on the competence and services the catering company you choose can offer.


Miami Catering Companies

No matter what kind of event you are hosting, our talented team can prepare a memorable culinary experience that your guests are not going to forget. Get to know more about us and reach out if you want a catering quote for your next event.


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miami catering

With a clear understanding of the best catering company in Miami, FL to work with, feel free to reviews the available services. As you go-to catering company, we promise and deliver top-notch catering services delivered by experienced, licensed, certified and well-trained caterers. Our catering services Miami include:

  • Miami BBQ catering services suited for any event
  • Latin and the Caribbean inspired flavors
  • Corporate event catering
  • Holiday celebration catering
  • Gourmet catering
  • Private chef services
  • Wedding catering
  • Social catering
  • Breakfast and brunch catering
  • Delivery catering

Settle for Top-notch Catering Services

Our Menu

We have a diverse menu for all seasonal items, classic choices, and cuisine styles. We use high-quality ingredients, with many of them sourced locally. Whether you want a one-course, three-course, or five-course meal, our talented group of culinary experts can deliver.

Serving great food at your next event doesn’t have to take you out of budget. Our variety of culinary packages and options are available at different price points.

We provide fine cuisine, snack foods, grill options, and more.

Request our menu and a quote to plan your next social gathering with us.

Serving Miami Fl and the Rest of South Florida

While we are located in Miami, Florida, we serve clients all over South Florida. The secret behind our growth and our expanding reach is our commitment to great delivery. We have done weddings, school, and corporate events, and the list keeps on growing. Once you contact us to request a free quote, we can begin working closely with you and your group to make sure your next special event is well-organized.

The sooner you contact us, the better. We have a growing customer base, and we have found that when you leave enough time to figure out the details of the catering event, including the catering, everything flows more smoothly. If you are still undecided about what kind of meals your want served, don’t hesitate to reach out to us anyway. We love to walk our potential clients through our menu and service packages.

So whether you are in Miami or Palm Beach, reach out to us, and let’s make your special gathering magical. Request a free quote.

Full-Service Catering

We don’t just prepare great meals with great ingredients; we make sure that we serve your guest well and give them a great experience.

Our full catering includes waitstaff for your wedding or other events. Let us set up the tables, serve your party, and clear up afterward. Our team of bartenders has the capacity to deliver great service, even for huge events.

Request more information about our Miami catering complete service packages.

Additional Services

Our offerings are not just limited to food catering in Miami. We know how to pull off a great catering event. We also offer the following additional offerings as part of our total catering package:

  • Special event planning
  • Special event design
  • Special event production

Many people dream of hosting a memorable event but don’t know where to begin. We offer additional offerings to make your events successful. There is a lot of planning involved, whether you are planning a corporate event or getting prepared for a wedding in the next few weeks or months.

One of the key starting points when planning any event is deciding on the number of guests you are going to invite. After that, you can narrow down your choice of venue to one that is large enough for the number of guests you expect.

Other important aspects that people often overlook when they decide to have an extravagant wedding or event include the decor, the venue arrangement, and the food service style. All the event planning, design, and production require time, money, and know-how. It also takes a lot of patience. We help businesses, families, and engaged couples with special event planning assistance. Request more information on our event production and planning services, and ask for a free quote to get started with our service.

Choosing the Best Miami Caterers

Before you use any of the caterers you hear about or find on social media, here are a few questions to ask:

  • What training and exposure do you have with Miami catering?
  • Do you provide servers?
  • What is on your menu?
  • Can you provide a free quote?
  • What additional services do you offer?

There may be many catering and event companies in Miami, but our South Florida offers make us your go-to catering service for all parties and weddings.

What We Promise

There’s a reason why we are known as one of the best catering companies in Miami, Florida. Our wide cuisine options, industry experience, complementary services, and professionalism help us stand out in a very competitive market.

When you request our catering and additional services, you can expect us to deliver :

  • Delicious cuisine made from quality ingredients
  • A wide selection of food options
  • Event planning assistance
  • Timely responses to inquiries
  • Great customer service
  • Clear and detailed free initial quote and final invoice
  • Innovative event design and food display ideas

If you want a quote for any of our event catering offers, then reach out today. If you want info about our company or have any questions about our catering service, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Hear What Our Past Clients Had to Say

Many of our previous individual and corporate clients provide feedback on our services. We love hearing about what each person has experienced with our company. Many of them write directly, while others share their experiences on social media and review platforms. Feedback allows us to keep improving and growing our business and is one reason we are still one of the best in the area after so many years.

Ours is a growing company, and we have a strong network of clients. Most of our new clients come from referrals. Here is what some of our previous customers have to say about our event catering:

Jonathon, from Palm Beach, whose wedding we catered for, had this to say, “I love how you treat your customers. My wife and I are going to use you guys for our next party. The way you pulled off the wedding catering was exceptional, and several people have asked about who did our catering.”

Trish from Miami sent this note in, “When I was tasked with organizing a corporate fundraising event, I was a little overwhelmed. I’m so glad I found out about you guys through a friend. Your friendly and helpful staff helped me decide on the menu. Love your food and grill menu.”

Contact Us

If you are ready to get started with us, get in touch. As an experienced Miami caterer, we can make sure that your guests have a special experience on your wedding day or at your special event. If you are in Miami, Florida, and the surrounding areas, we offer the best catering for a variety of social events. Call us to request your free quote and to learn more about what we offer.

How to Request a Quote

To request a free quote, let us know what kind of event you are hosting, how many people are going to attend, and what you want them to be served. We request that you give us this information to determine best what items to include on the quote and how to price our offer. We aim to respond to every quote request in a timely fashion, so look out for our communication regarding your quote request.

You can request a quote by calling us or writing to us online. You can also use the same two avenues to request more info about any aspects of our offering. We look forward to working with you at your next special social event.

Miami Catering Companies

Choose the Best Not every catering company that promises the best services will live to hold its end of the bargain. Ensure the company you choose offers top-quality services and will satisfy your needs and requirements. It’s advisable to be considerate when picking the best catering services provider from the many Miami catering companies you will come across. In light of this, there are great aspects to guide you choose the best catering company in Miami, FL. Have a look:

1. The reputation of a Catering Company

It does not matter whether you are hosting a corporate event or a birthday party. The company you decide towork should have a good reputation in the industry. The company you pick should be well-known and widely regarded for offering good food and catering services.

A company that has always worked hard to satisfy clients’ needs and harness their interests is the best work with. But how do you know this is the right company for you?

Referrals from other customers, reviews and comments on a company website can clear your doubts. Go for a company that different customers in the hunt for catering services can speak good things about its operations and services.

2. Professionalism

Not all catering companies Miami FL you come across promise professional help. Go for a company that promises a team of professional who can competently deliver quality catering services and stress-free. The professionals you work with should diligently produce and serve excellent food choices.

Besides providing tasty and quality food, a good catering company has to promise and deliver professional waiting service. This is a reputed company that can make sure your guests are adequately looked after and satisfied.

A professional catering service provider should promise a professional setup that includes excellent dining experience defined by a good presentation. Hiring such professionals will add to your competence in organizing a great event. Upon talking to your catering service provider, you will successfully figure out the number of staff available for the event.

3. Food Quality

The company you choose should provide high-quality and tasty food. The dishes produced should also be appropriately presented. Look at the portfolios of the available companies. Go on and look at the pictures of the main food in their catering menus.

Quality of the food should be an essential gauge among the companies you decide to choose for catering services. Interview each company and compare their menu and the kind of ingredients they use.

Seasonal produce influence the taste and quality of the food you plan to serve at the event you plan to host. Pick a company that understand its menus and can fruitfully produce quality dishes from breakfast, dessert to dinner. Significantly, go for a company that upholds to all hygiene and food safety aspects.

4. Experience

Incomparable expertise and experience in the catering world are aspects that greatly define a company. A company that embraces professionalism and has been in the industry for many years will guarantee a lasting impression whilst delivering quality services.

A catering company with years of experience promises a perfected system that helps deliver top-notch services and to a large clientele base.

Such a company should promise trouble-free management and services. It should also provide a select team of caterers who can handle bulk of work stress-free and deliver services within the stipulated deadline.

5. Cost-effective Services

A reliable and reputed company should promise services that will fall within your budget. Remember, you have spent a certain amount of money planning the event at hand, so you have to look for ways to save on catering services.

It’s wise to name your budget and have different Miami catering companies send you quotes and pick a company that offers more value. Inform the available companies in advance if you are working on a limited budget. Review the exclusion and inclusion from free quotes across the available caterers and pick one that meets your needs.


miami catering companies
miami Catering Companies
miami catering companies
Miami Catering Companies
Miami catering Companies

Let us Give You the Best Service Miami Catering Companies Have to Offer!