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Paella Catering Miami – If you’re looking to get Paella catered for an event of yours in Miami Florida, lucky for you because our Cibo Paella Catering in Miami offers traditional Spanish Paella to customers for their party needs – all it takes is one phone call. With the best of ingredients, our Paella cannot be compared. We are known for the best Paella catering Miami has to offer. Along with the best ingredients and taste, our service is also incomparable. Each and every person attending your event is going to end up licking their plates because of how delicious our food is.

We serve Paella at any sort of event as long as you contact our team and let them know about the details. We are open 365 days a year, just give us a call – our phone number is 786-414-3437. We assure you that the end result of your event is going to be full bellies and happy faces. Our Paellas are made by the professional experienced chef and we do on time delivery of all dishes you can find in our menu.

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What is Paella?

Paella Catering Miami

Paella Catering Miami

Before you choose us for assisting your event, we want to let you in on what actually is Paella and what it contains. Paella is a Spanish dish of Valencian origin which was popularized in the 19th century. Paella is a delicious Spanish meal and because of how hearty and warm it is, it is widely consumed in colder regions.

What makes Paella?

Paella Catering Miami

We cater the best Paella not only in Miami but in the entire region. Our Paella contains layers of food. Paella often contains a base of Olive oil with a mixture of round grain rice, different kinds of meats, legumes, and vegetables, seasoned with the most delicious traditional spices to make the perfect fresh Paellas for your wedding, just give us a call or send email to get the best service today! This dish is today consumed all over the world with different substitutes in each layer and is loved throughout the world. People really enjoy eating our Paellas so pick up your phone and see by yourself.

The Best Catering Services

Paella Catering Miami

In Miami, Spanish foods are either too expensive or too low quality to enjoy. There are some good street vendors and trucks that make delicious Spanish Paella but they don’t cater to larger events. This is why getting events catered with Paella on the menu is pretty difficult. When it comes to Cibo Catering Miami, we cater Paella to all kinds of gatherings, just pick up your phone and give us a call. All you need to do is contact us and make your guests happy with the best Paella being catered to them. Making sure that everything catering is completely perfectly dealt with is our responsibility.

Our service is superb and highly rated for more than ten years. You can ask our other customers about their Paella catering experiences at their meetings, gatherings, birthdays, etc. and you’ll only receive the best reviews. You can get our services for your gatherings at an affordable price and professionalism. In Miami, our Paella is simply incomparable, that’s the way we like to work – our dishes are fresh and made by the professional chef so you can enjoy these moments- you can always view some of our customer’s reviews. Just buzz us via email or phone for the best Paellas.

The Best Paella in Miami

Why we know that our Paella is the best is because of the amazing ingredients we use while making a Paella. Everything from the spices to the meats to the vegetables needs to be of the highest quality. The thing with other Paella caterers is that their Paella is just not up to the mark when it comes to taste and visual appeal. If it is, the quality of the mix is just not hygienic enough. To learn more about our Paellas, you can contact our stellar customer service waiting for your phone call.

At Cibo Catering Miami, we make sure that the quality of food is incredible so that the taste and visual appeal can be complemented with a healthiness where the end result is guests with smiling faces.

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Delicious Paellas

Making sure that the ingredients in any dish are amazing together is very necessary. We have experimented and created a combination of flavors that make our Paella the best and super delicious. We use olive oil to create a base for our Paella, along with incredible spices, meats including chicken and seafood options that might include shrimps or fish meat as well as artichoke hearts and other vegetables and beans are incorporated with each other and added to the rice.

Using these delicious ingredients, our promise is to deliver the best food experience to you and your guests so that you can come to us again for any kind of event organization catering needs. We prepare our Paella in safe and hygienic environments and our trained professionals make sure that your guests receive the best Paella during whatever event you might be conducting.

Affordable Paella Catering

The main problem with serving Paella to your guests at an event is that companies charge incredibly high for Paellas. Even at these insanely high prices, they don’t deliver the best products when you need them most. When it comes to high quality and low budget gatherings, we’re the Paellas caterers you need. Cibo Catering Miami is the best affordable option that you can choose to serve Paella in your events if you’re in Miami.

Our prices are nothing in comparison to the incredible taste and superb service that our company provides. Make sure you reach us for a better and tastier catering experience.

Paella Catering Miami

Cibo’s Catering Goal

Our catering goal is nothing but customer satisfaction. We ensure the best quality foods reach your tables and fill your bellies. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, we not only provide you with the best quality food, but we also make sure it tastes delicious. We make sure that the prices are affordable. With the amazing professionalism that our company and servers offer, you’re going to have an amazing experience with us – we promise!

This is why we’re operating. And with our Paella, we are one step closer to achieving our catering goal. Join us and we’ll make you the best catering deals for your events

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Do you want to make your gathering an absolute success? Getting the guests filled with amazing food is an important necessity. Contact us over the phone for serving them with the best Paella in all of Miami – you can view what our customers say about our work. Your responsibility is conducting the event and ours is bringing a charm into it. The guests are going to be able to smell delicious Paella from far across. In order to hire us as your Paella caterers, you can reach us through the given methods. We are going to make sure that your event is charming and the food is amazing. It is our responsibility to make the guests happy and satisfied with incredibly tasty Paella.

Paella Catering Miami